I’m now blogging at BEEing Juliet (www.julietkennedy.com). I’d love for you to stop by and check out this new blog. I’ll still be blogging about motherhood and faith, and I’ll be posting recipes regularly. But with this new blog, I’ll also be sharing my journey as a writer.

Here’s a sampling of some of the blog columns I hope to introduce at BEEing Juliet:


  • BEEing a Mom ~ Stories and life lessons about being a mom
  • BEEdazzling Mamas ~ Feature stories about inspirational moms
  • Fun with L’il Bees ~ Ideas for fun activities for children
  • BEEyond the Hive ~ Ideas for family fun and bonding outside the home


  • BEE Still ~ Devotions to encourage and inspire growth in faith
  • Building Faith in L’il Bees ~ Devotions and activities to build faith in children


  • BEEing a Writer ~ Stories and lessons learned about being a writer
  • BEEdazzling Writers ~ Feature stories and interviews with authors
  • BEEfore and After ~ Advice and examples of how good editing and rewrites can transform written work

Home Life

  • BEEsy in the Kitchen ~ Recipes and tips on cooking and baking
  • BEEtween the Pages ~ Book Reviews and recommendations

I hope to see you over at BEEing Juliet! :0)
Many Blessings,