A couple of days ago Sarah at Confessions of a Curious Cuisinere nominated BEEsy Mama for two blog awards—the Blog on Fire and Kreativ Blogger Awards. Oh, thank you so much Sarah for these nominations. This is such an honor!!

I love Sarah’s blog~Confessions of a Curious Cuisinere! She shares an assortment of delicious recipes (with gorgeous photos) and great tips on how to prepare them. I can’t wait to try out the Pita Bread recipe she recently posted and her Avocado Lime Pasta recipe. Oh, these recipes look yummy!! Please take a few moments to check out her blog.

In accepting these awards, I’m asked to share some ‘unusual’ and interesting things about myself and nominate fellow bloggers for the awards.  As Sarah mentioned on her blog, the rules for each seem to vary depending on where you find them, so like her, I’m going to stick to six of each.

Okay…here’s some unusual and interesting tidbits about me:

#1 ~ When I was younger, my family joked often about my kitchen disasters. The first time I made mac & cheese from a box, I didn’t read the directions all the way through and tossed all the ingredients into a pan filled with water and boiled it. Yep, it was a soupy, gloppy mess, with the macaroni as hard as could be. And then there was the time I made green bean casserole for the holidays and forgot to drain the green beans. We had green bean soup instead of casserole. But then I redeemed myself when I was 13. I entered my blueberry muffins into our county fair and won Grand Champion Reserve. Woohoo! Finally success! :0)

#2 ~ My dad was a notorious prankster in our household when I was growing up. It’s a wonder my brother and I have not needed mental therapy to recover from the all the jokes he pulled on us over the years. I’ll never forget one of his infamous pranks when I was five-years-old. I spotted a small jar sitting on the kitchen counter filled with what I believed was pink, pearl-shaped candies.

“Candy! Can I have some Dad? Please?” I pleaded. My younger brother and I stared up at Dad, both of us wide-eyed and smiling.

Dad glanced at the jar and chuckled. “Sure, kids.” He unscrewed the lid, dug into the jar, and handed each of us a couple of the pink balls.

As I placed one of them in my mouth, Dad said, “Oh, by the way, those aren’t candy. They’re fish eggs.”

I spit out the salmon egg. “Bleh,” I cried as I continued to spit out any remnants in my mouth.  Dad burst out in laughter.

#3 ~ Animal Control visited our house today because we had an animal trapped in the furnace vent. We’d heard scratching on the vent yesterday afternoon and didn’t make the connection that we had an animal trapped in the vent until late last night. My husband tried to open up the vent, but was unable to do so. So this morning, we called the HVAC folks and Animal Control to help. We thought a squirrel was trapped in the vent, but but as we opened it and released the animal outside, we discovered that a small bird had found its way into the vent. The bird flew away. Whew!! I’m so glad the bird was okay.

#4 ~ I climbed Colorado’s highest mountain—Mt. Elbert (14,433)—with my family when I was 16 years old. Okay, I have to admit I wasn’t all that fond of hiking and camping at that age. But as an adult, I love hiking in Colorado’s mountains, and I’ve climbed four more of Colorado’s 14ners (14,000+ foot mountains). I’d love to someday climb all 54.

#5 ~  My major phobia is lightning. I’m petrified to be outside when lightning is nearby. Ask my husband. He’s been with me on backcountry hikes when we’ve been caught in a thunderstorm storm. Not a pretty sight! But here’s the strange thing . . . One of favorite things to do is watch a thunderstorm from the safety of my home. Oh, I love to find a comfy spot in my house and watch as storms pass over our house. I’d much rather do this than watch TV.

#6 ~ I’ve encountered a bear while camping. A couple of years ago, I was camping with my family at a state park near Steamboat Springs. During our stay, a park ranger stopped by our campsite to warn us about a bear siting earlier that day. I glanced at my husband upon hearing this news and knew we would not be sleeping in the tent that night. (So my phobia is lightning and my husband’s is encountering a bear in the wild. Each time my husband and I embark on wilderness adventures, I realize God must have a great sense of humor in pairing the two of us together. :0)

We slept in our van that night. When we arose early the next morning, we discovered a bear had entered our neighbors’ campsite and ripped through a tent covering their picnic table to indulge on the food they left out overnight. They had been away from their campsite the day before and had not noticed the bright yellow flyer on their table warning them about the bear and instructing them on how to properly store food and other supplies. Minutes after learning about this surprise visit, we witnessed a large black bear amble along in the forest, just feet away from our tent.

Okay, I’m a bit long winded on my responses. :0) Now I’d love to nominate six blogs for BOTH awards. I’ve listed my nominations below. Please, please, please take a few moments to check out these fabulous blogs.

  • Justa Frugal Foodie ~ Justa shares her passion for cooking, her beautiful photos, and her sense of humor on her top-notch foodie blog. And Justa is so encouraging and supportive of other bloggers. She’s truly a delight!! :0)
  • Om Nomalicious ~ Friends Pami and Jecca share their favorite recipes on this blog. I love their enthusiasm for cooking!  Oh, there’s so many of their recipes I’m looking forward to trying out.
  • Real Foods, Real Deals ~ Annemarie posts recipes that are from real food (she avoids white flour, white sugar, and other highly processed foods), affordable, and delicious. I’m trying to move more in this direction (not quite there yet), and so I love the fresh ideas she gives on how to cook and bake this way.
  • A {Modern} Christian Woman ~ Stephanie—a Christian wife and stay-at-home mom of five—shares a variety of recipes made from scratch. I’ve tried several of her recipes and they are truly delish!!
  • Revelations in Writing ~ This is my favorite daily devotional blog.  Shannon shares beautifully-written devotions that will encourage you and give you fresh insights on Christian living.
  • Refusing to Tiptoe ~ Cristal’s reflections on life and faith on her blog often take my breath away. Her writing reminds me of Ann Voskamp (author of One Thousand Gifts). It’s exquisite!