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We began our great adventure this last Monday to pray for the world over the next 47 weeks. This week my family and I have prayed for five African countries: South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, and Malawi.

Just days into this journey and already my family and I have learned much about this area of our world. For starters, I knew nothing about Lesotho, including how to pronounce this country’s name. But with the help of Operation World’s website and my handy world atlas, I now know about this small landlocked country surrounded completely by South Africa.

And when we read about South Africa on Monday, my son asked questions about the racial tensions in this country. This gave me an opportunity to explain to him the racial prejudices that plague our world, and to also share how God made each person in this world and loves them immensely, regardless of their race or color. I told him that in our love for Jesus, we, too, are to love each person, no matter how different they are from us. As a mom, this was an enriching experience for me.

This week I also helped my son make a passport for his prayer journey around the world. My son drew a picture on the cover.

Yes, he decided the best way to travel around the world is with helium-filled balloons, just like Carl in Up.

Inside the “passport,” we included an itinerary page and a picture and information about my son, the traveler. And then using two side-by-side pages, we logged our first week’s journey, adding a sticker for each country we prayed for and briefly listing one or more prayer needs of the country.

Week 2 ~ Prayer Calendar

So now we move onto Week 2 on our prayer journey around the world. Below, I’ve listed the next five African countries we will be praying for during the week of April 9th to 13th and links to countries’ prayer pages at the Operation World website.

One final thing  before next week’s schedule. . . I originally planned on posting updates and weekly schedules for the Around the World series on every Friday.  I’ve decided to change my posting schedule for the blog, and as a result, I  won’t be posting weekly blogs for this series. Instead, I will be posting the weekly and monthly prayer schedules on the tab at the top of my blog called “Around the World.” I’m hoping to post updates on a monthly basis on the blog.

Week 2 ~ April 9th to 13th

Map of Africa (from http://www.OperationWorld.org)

April 9     Madagascar (Africa)

April 10    Mayotte (Africa)

April 11    Comoros (Africa)

April 12    Seychelles (Africa)

April 13    British Indian Ocean Territory (Africa)