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“Pray for the entire world.” This challenge intrigued me when I read David Platt’s book Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream about a year and a half ago.

“Prayer is not flashy,” he wrote, “and probably doesn’t seem radical, but consider church history. Just a century ago, the prayers of one man, Evan Roberts (1878-1951), precipitated a revival in Wales in which an estimated hundred thousand people came to faith in Christ in a matters of months . . . Prayer can lead to effects beyond what we can imagine. What can your prayer do, as it is empowered by God? Just imagine.”

Since reading Platt’s book, I’ve considered participating in his challenge to pray for each country around the world one day at a time. A few weeks ago, I sensed God  leading me to embark on this journey with my family. As I pondered on what would be involved and how I could engage my six-year-old in what I hope is a life-changing experience, I began to imagine what God could do in the lives of those we would pray for over the next 47 weeks and the transformation that could occur within my own family.  Oh, the excitement to begin planning for this adventure bubbled within me.

And then I had a marvelous idea . Why not bring my readers here at BEEsy Mama along with me on this journey? And so here we are about to begin this great adventure to pray for the countries around the world in 235 days.

Planning for the Prayer Journey Around the World

Our journey around the world begins in just a few days on Monday, April 2nd. But here’s the great news. If you and your family aren’t ready to depart on Monday, no worries. You can join us at any point. I’ll be posting the prayer calendars monthly and so you can retrieve the ones you missed when you need them.

As you will see with the monthly prayer calendars, our itinerary involves praying for five countries each week on Monday through Friday. If you miss a day, it’s okay. You can easily pray for that country on another weekday or even on the weekend. Our journey around the world will last 47 weeks, ending on February 22, 2013.

The route we’ll be taking begins with Africa. We’ll spend the first 12 weeks praying for that region. And then we’ll move onto Europe, Asia, the Pacific region, Latin America, the Caribbean islands, and finally North America.

I plan to post the monthly prayer calendars on the Friday before the next month begins. And on each Friday, I’ll post blogs about my family’s experiences and the countries we’ll be praying for in the week ahead with links to the Operation World website. Operation World offers a wealth of information about each country and their prayer needs, which will aid in learning about the countries and give direction on how to specifically pray for them.

In my Friday postings, I’ll also include a listing of activities to enhance your family’s experience. For example, as you will see below, I’ve included the suggestion of helping your kids make passports for their journey. These activities are optional, and if you choose to not do them, that’s fine.

Okay, I think we’re off to a good start in planning our journey. Now let me share with you the prayer calendar for April and itinerary for the next week, our first week on the journey.

April’s Prayer Calendar and Our First Week’s Itinerary

For April’s Prayer Calendar, click on this PDF file:  April 2012 Prayer Calendar – Around the World (BEEsy Mama)

Below is a the first week’s praying itinerary. Click on each country for links to Operation World (www.operationworld.org), which is  a valuable resource in learning about each country.

Week #1 – April 2 to 6

Map of Africa (from http://www.OperationWorld.org)

April 2      South Africa (Africa)

April 3     Lesotho (Africa)

April 4     Swaziland (Africa)

April 5     Mozambique (Africa)

April 6     Malawi (Africa)

Supplemental Activities

Make a passport with your kids for the 235 day journey. Each week list the five countries on the prayer list. As your kids learn about the countries and pray for them, stamp their passport (or use stickers). My little guy and I plan to make a passport during this next week. I’ll share pictures of it on next Friday, April 6th.

Check out a book from the library about Africa or one of the countries prayed for during the week. Read the book to your kids.

Consider planning a special meal with your family where you prepare the cuisine of a country prayed for during the month of April. Discuss with your family which country to select for the meal. Consider dressing up in the attire worn by people in that country. Begin reading about the country and collecting ideas from your kids on the dinner.

I’m looking forward to embarking on this journey with you. :0)